Cooking & Wine

Plan your Day Zakynthos Greece

Greece’s culinary wealth is well-known, and it dates back to 4000 BC. The nutrition and cooking style of the Greeks laid the foundation for our modern eating habits. Herbs, olive oil, wine, honey, fruits and cereals were the main raw materials. The first cooking book in the world is Hedypathia, which was completed in 350 BC. Archestratus's philosophy regarding gastronomic art defines the Greek culinary culture of Greek chefs across the ages!

You only need to select your Greek menu; then, we come to your place where we can show you the way to cook a Greek recipe, so that when you return to your homeland you will be able to show your friends the gastronomic wealth of Greece, while you bring back to your memory your Greek holidays and the pleasant Greek summer!

Plan your Day Zakynthos Greece

Wine Taste


Wine-tasting evening! We bring the most aromatic wines from all over Greece to your terrace; they may originate from small or large vineyards, but all will be accompanied by cheeses, fruits and Greek flavors, so that you can taste the SYMPOSIUM! The Greek areas of Santorini, Naoussa, Nemea, and Samos are wine-producing, and their wines are always awarded in international wine competitions! Now, you can taste most special Greek wine varieties under the Greek summer sky.

TIPS: The ancient Greeks added water to their wine. Before taking the first sip, they used to throw a few drops of water on the floor, as an offering to the gods.